No subscription.
No ads.
No corporation selling your data.
No bots telling you what to like.

Fair for listeners

Pay as you play. A few hours of new music a day costs less than a streaming service.
As you replay, the cost goes up, and you own a track once you’ve paid about $1.40.
Stream from your collection for free, forever.

Fair for artists

Make many times more than the norm,
and at least a penny on every stream.
Cash out after about $11 in earnings.
Get a 70% cut for artists and rights-holders.
The other 30% goes back into the co-op.
Profits are shared among members, including artists.
Or release for free, if that’s your thing.

Pay 1/4 of a penny the first time you play,
then a little more each time you replay.
Then it’s yours forever.

Fair for everyone,
and getting fairer

Stream2own has a big future.
Join the forum to share ideas, stories, or time to build it with us.

On our minds lately

Long-form music and podcasts
Lossless downloads for the tracks you own
Artist-controlled pricing
Connecting listeners and artists
Collaboration across like-minded platforms
Amplifying the social power of music