It's a co-op

Democratically governed by members.
Hashing things out in our forum.
Meeting as a community every thursday.
Electing our own board.
Making decisions together.
Sharing the surplus.

Open to everyone.
Listeners earn membership with a $10 contribution.
Artists earn membership after their first upload.
Workers earn membership by helping us build.

diagram illustrating co-op shares, Listeners own it: 35% of profit share, Artists own it: 45% of profit share, Workers own it: 20% of profit share
Resonate Shares Diagram

Imagine a world where all interactions and services come from democratic organizations.
Building a worldwide network of co-operatives is an essential part of rejecting the destructive power of Capitalism and Colonialism within all our societies, working together towards a world built on justice, fairness and equality of the commons.
A vital part of our vision is Community Credentials, which will enable cooperatives and creatives to partner, exchange, sell, collaborate, engage and sustain relationships with trust and privacy.
The Resonate co-op intends to develop its offering in the future beyond music, to incorporate many different collective types of creativity into the the platform in sustainable and positive ways for the community at large.